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Laser Simulator

Interactive Simulation Software

Gaussian Laser Beam

Laser Pulse Train

Diffraction Limited Spot Size

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M²-Value Real Beam Simulation

Super-Gaussian Intensity Profile


Laser Simulator enables the calculation and visualization of common attributes of laser beams. The interactive elements allow for direct visual response of the underlying function. Through a simple and user-friendly interface, the concept of lasers can be visualized and studied in a comfortable and intuitive way.

Diffraction Limited Spot Size

In the case of a perfect optical system, the smallest possible beam width of a laser is given by the diffraction limited spot size.

The beam width in the focus is dependent on the lens properties and beam size at the focal lens. Together with the laser beam quality M<sup>2</sup> the diffraction limited spot size can be determined. The animation above shows the intensity of a gaussian beam around the focal area with varying beam width at the focal lens. <br> <br> The animation exemplifies the ability of the software to determine and visualize laser beam properties interactively.

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Laser Pulse Train

The animation below shows the temporal profile of a laser puls train with varying temporal offset between the pulses.

The simulation visualizes the transition between a periodically time dependent temporal laser profile and an almost continuous laser profile. The software enables the simulation of a laser puls train as illustrated in this animation.

22. Feb. 2023
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