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Spherical Aberration

Simulation Engineering

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Software Development

Web Applications & Dashboards

Visualization of Functions and Data

Visualizations & Interactive Control

Interactive Scientific Webtools

Browse through the collection of interactive scientific webtools including online converter and three-dimensional simulations. All tools are free accessible and enable detailled simulations and visulizations of standard concepts such as electromagnetic wave, bandwidth, Fourier transformation, ultrashort pulse, pulse wave, Gaussian functions, probability density function etc. The interactive simulations enable convenient visualization of the relevant parameters in the respective functions.

Wavelength Frequency Energy Bandwidth Converter

Fourier Transformation Ultrashort Pulse

Fourier Transformation Pulse Wave

Gaussian Function

Wavelength Frequency Energy Bandwidth Converter

Simulation Software

Desktop Software comprising Simulations of Laser Physics and Non-Linear Optics. The Software is characterized by high interactivity and flexibility. Currently there are three Software Products available:

NL Crystal Simulator VECSEL Simulator Laser Simulator


Simuleng focuses on the development of simulation software in the field of engineering and science as well as data analysis. It is always possible to create new individual software or simulations/models for the visualization and analysis of your function and/or dataset.

The development system of SimulEng is orientated on the visualization of functions and data in a clear and structured way combined with user friendly interactive elements. In order to make complex relationships of functions and data accessible and comprehensible, leading to the deduction of meaningful actions.


Data & Automation

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