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This website emerged from my recent activity developing interactive simulation software in the field of laser and optics. My strong interest in simulation and modeling lead me to the development of own graphical interfaces in order to visualize models in physics. The visualization of mathematical expressions and functions is, how I believe, a great tool to study and understand dry mathematical relationships. The significance of variables in functions can be conveniently visualized using an interactive user interface. The same concept also applies for the visualization and interpretations of data in general. In modern times uncountable data is acquired apparently everywhere. Gaining information of data is however in many cases not as simple as acquiring them. Interpreting data in the right way can unfold many important information about the system generating the data. Analyzing data and deducing corresponding actions can be of great advantage in every field of modern life. The visualization and analysis of data is therefore, from my point of view, crucial for continuous progress and development.

Since my first experience plotting and analyzing data, my interest in new methods and technologies was constantly growing. I have experience using Python for simulations, data analysis & visualization and building graphical user interfaces (GUI) for standalone software. For processing and storing data I`m familiar with SQL, SQLight, MySQL data-queries for building dashboards and webapplications. In order to gain programming skills and best practice I completed online-courses for Data Science, Machine Learning, SQL, PHP, Python, Statistics, etc.. from During my last employment as Quality System and Standards Engineer I gained experience with data analysis, databases, IT systems and software maintenance.

2018 I graduated with M.Sc. from University of Marburg, department of physics in the international master program "Functional Materials". My master thesis with the title "Improvement and characterization of a VECSEL based THz source" was assigned with the grade very good. During my master thesis I gained profound knowledge about VECSEL lasers and non-linear frequency conversion in the far infrared frequency range (THz). Previously, I graduated from Offenburg University of Applied Sciences with B.Eng. in the program "Material Engineering".

Stefan Mettler

22. Feb. 2023
Tutari GmbH