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Simulation Software

Simuleng offers the development of simulation software. The focus lies on the simulation & visualization of models in physics, mathematics and statistics (data science), as well as any other software concept of your choice. Browse through the software below, developed by Simuleng, to get an idea of your next software development project.

VECSEL Simulator

Laser Simulation
Interactive simulation software, model and design of vecsel chips.
Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers, frequency selection Simulation, Microcavity Design, Interactive Colorplots, Etalon & Birefrigent Filter

NL Crystal Simulator

Optical Simulation
Interactive simulation software, phase matching conditions for difference-frequency generation and optical rectification in non-linear crystals.
Difference frequency generation, optical rectification, periodic poling geometry, cherenkov radiation angle.

Laser Simulator

Laser Simulation
Interactive simulation software, calculation and visualization of common attributes of laser beams.
Gaussian laser beam, laser pulse train, diffraction limited spot size, M²-value beam simulation, super-gaussian intensity profile.

22. Feb. 2023
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