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Simuleng offers a variety of Webtools and Webapplications, ranging from scientific-calculators and -visualizations to interactive dashboards and data-maps. Browse through the examples below to get an idea of your next Webtool.

Stock Market Data

Interactive Dashboard
Financial Data from Stock Markets and financial instruments.
Current and historical Stock Data with latest news and press release (NASDAQ, NYSE, XETRA, HKSE, TSX, SIX, MCX)
Forex, ETF, Cryptorurrencies, Commodities, Funds.

Worldbank Data

Interactive Dashboard
Worldbank Data from
Economy, Infrastrucrure, Education, Health, Science & Technology, Climate Change Social Development, Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Environment, Poverty, Health, Trade etc.

Fourier Transformation

Interactive Simulation
Mathematical Visualization of Fourier Transformation.
Interactive Chart of time signal and spectrum with slider control of the variables.
Ultrashort Pulse (Pulse shape, Fourier limited pulse width, bandwidth, frequency spacing)
Pulse Train (Fourier Series generating a rectangular function, period, frequency count)

Gaussian Function

Interactive Simulation
Mathematical Visualization of Gaussian Function.
Interactive Chart of probabilty density function, cumulative distribution function and 2D Gaussian function with slider control of the variables.
Probability Theory, Statistics, Expectation Value, Variance, Rotation.

Wave Calculator

Interactive Simulation
Mathematical Visualization of Electromagnetic Radiation.
Interactive Chart of wavelength, frequency, energy and bandwidth with slider control of the variables.
Conversion of wavelength to frequency and the visualization of the electromagnetic wave in space and time.
Planck's constant h, frequency components, electromagnetic signal, energy (eV).

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