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NL Crystal Simulator

Interactive Simulation Software

Difference Frequency Generation

Optical Rectification

Quasi- Phase Matching

Periodic Poling Geometry

Cherenkov Radiation Angle

Coherence Length

Pulse & CW Mode

2D</a> Interactive Visualizations


With the NL Crystal Simulator it is possible to simulate phase matching conditions for difference-frequency generation and optical rectification in non-linear crystals. This enables the calculation and visualization of radiation-and relative intensity characteristic of the generated signal in the far infrared frequency range.<br> The interactive elements allow for direct visual response of the underlying function. Through a simple and user-friendly interface, the concept of non-linear crystals and phase matching can be visualized and studied in a comfortable and intuitive way.

Pump Spot

Like in any other conversion process, efficiency is one of the main determining factors. The animation shows the intensity scaling of the spectrum of a pulsed laser with respect to spot size and varying temporal distribution.<br> The animation exemplifies the ability of the software to determine the right conditions for maximum conversion effeciency interactively.

Phase Matching

When mixing frequencies in a non-linear media it often occurs that signal and source have very different phase information, which leads to destructive interference. The animation below shows the radiation intensity with respect to the radiation direction and with varying source frequency in the crystal.</p>

The animation exemplifies the ability of the software to determine phase matching conditions and radiation characteristic interactively.

22. Feb. 2023
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